Selling to the Personas


In our previous articles, we identified tactics for customer discover and target personas. Once you have a deep understanding of these areas of the process the next step is to associate that to the buying decision process. In each organization learning the corporate structure and responsibilities of the people within, is a critical component to mapping the solution to the areas you can solve for effectively.  

As a Sales or Marketing leader a good initial step is to mock up a typical organization chart for your focused area of solution. Let’s say we are selling to the CFO’s organization. 

Underlying to the CFO, each individual in the organization and their team will care about a different pains and problem you may be able to solve. Your sales and marketing teams direction will be to sell to these people, the more detail you have the better you can articulate your value proposition to the individual personas.

Start at the top of the org chart and work your way down through the roles. By leveraging customer discovery and persona research, outlining how your products solve pain points for individuals at each level will give the tools to the sales team to effectively evaluate the prospect.  

In most cases the CFO will be the decision maker and signatory for your solution. Without the support of the team below her your team will struggle to close the deal. Mapping the persona’s to their individual roles is a very useful task to educate the sellers. Have a little fun with it the process.  This will resonate with the team and help the next step Engagement.

Once you identify and map these areas…… What’s next?  

Engaging the stakeholders with each specific value proposition will help you clearly focus in on the specific pain for that persona and how your solutions can solve that specific problem for that person. 

Sounds Simple right?  Many get this wildly wrong. 

Tell the right story and the team around the CFO will give you the Green Light. Spending the time and resources to understand the customer at the deepest level will help your team become much more efficient.  By equipping the team with the best messages and positioning for each persona will help you increase your effectiveness and help close that next deal!

Last modified: August 4, 2019

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