Selling to the Personas

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In our previous articles, we identified tactics for customer discover and target personas. Once you have a deep understanding of these areas of the process the next step is to associate that to the buying decision...

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The Start-Up Rapids Await, Tips and Tools for your Trip

Away we go winding down the adventurous paths and more choices to ponder. Having managed growing organizations and divisions for many years I am often asked what choices should we make when we hit the in-between stage...

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I’m sure you’ve heard by now that networking is something you should do when you’re building your company. Yet, there are so many places to go to and so many people at these gatherings.  How do...

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Beware The VP of Special Projects

Beware the VP of Special Projects This is part of a series we’re working on about the need for ongoing customer discovery. This post is about the land mine that is the VP of Special Projects. It is an especially...

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Part V Bad Partnerships

We hear the phrases BuildBuy or Partner. When you are limited with money and resources the latter always seems to be the case. Or should it be?   Bad partnerships or not setting up the proper partnership are...

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Part IV Needy Clients

Many times the product market fit is ideal for you to build out your current solution in your market today. Let’s take a look at what happens when you work to leverage your best customers to evaluate the next...

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