Selling to the Personas

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In our previous articles, we identified tactics for customer discover and target personas. Once you have a deep understanding of these areas of the process the next step is to associate that to the buying decision...

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Missed Opportunities – Knowing When it’s Time to Exit

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Every entrepreneur dreams of the successful exit. Is your time now or should you wait? In business, there are windows of opportunity to capitalize. More often than not, the opportunity occurs within a small time...

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What’s your story?

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We have talked with many new entrepreneurs and we were very surprised to hear how many of them all said the same thing. When we interviewed founders and CEOs in other technology hubs, including RTP, it was a consistent...

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Personas and Customer Discovery

There is a ton of material written about the importance of customer discovery, customer development, market validation, and the like.  If you’ve read any articles about startups or entrepreneurship in the past...

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Beware The VP of Special Projects

Beware the VP of Special Projects This is part of a series we’re working on about the need for ongoing customer discovery. This post is about the land mine that is the VP of Special Projects. It is an especially...

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