7 Ways to Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Profitability

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Growing company efficiency and scalability are important factors in your early success.  Managing long term operational inefficiencies will have significant impact on reducing future financial leakage.  Here are 7...

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Missed Opportunities – Knowing When it’s Time to Exit

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Every entrepreneur dreams of the successful exit. Is your time now or should you wait? In business, there are windows of opportunity to capitalize. More often than not, the opportunity occurs within a small time...

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The Start-Up Rapids Await, Tips and Tools for your Trip

Away we go winding down the adventurous paths and more choices to ponder. Having managed growing organizations and divisions for many years I am often asked what choices should we make when we hit the in-between stage...

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Part VI Bad Investors

This is a cautionary tale of what happens when you take money for your business from the wrong investor. Raising money for your business is a sales process. Like selling your product to your customers selling your ideas...

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Part III To Expand or Not to Expand

Your baby is growing up and you find yourself in a position at a market or regional expansion based on customer requests outside of your focused area. This is a great problem for most companies to have Right?    When...

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